Early this month (April 2018), the project team from Technologically Enhanced Agricultural Livelihoods (TEAL) project paid a visit to Dak Lak to learn about the ways to grow and process coffee with Economic empowerment approach in this major coffee centre of the country.

The team visited Thang Loi Coffee Company where they were introduced to the UTZ Certified program and how to grow coffee trees together with pepper; the central highland branch of Nestle Company to exchange information about 4C sustainable coffee plantation; and visit Krongbuk Rubber Company to learn about how to grow Arabica coffee with rubber trees. They also gathered experience in high quality coffee processing at  Intimex Company and  Xuân Hòa company.

During the trip, the team also visited Minh Toan Loi Cooperative. With over 227 members, the Cooperative has been operating for about seven years, harvesting about 1,300 hectares of coffee cherries every year. “In this modern era, we can’t survive if only producing as single households and lacking information. Farmers need to connect with each other and focus on certified production so we can reach new markets,” said Mr Vu Duc Quan, Chairman of the Cooperative’s Management Board.

Mr.Vũ Đức Quân – Board Chairman,  Minh Toàn Lợi Commune Cooperative 

Visiting Thắng Lợi Coffee Company 

The team consisted of staff of CARE International in Vietnam, Dien Bien Center for Community Development, Dien Bien and Son La Departments of Agriculture and Rural Development and other relevant government agencies in the two provinces. The Community Development Center of Dak Lak hosted the team during the visit.

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